Tet Trung Thu 2013 – Vietnam’s Mid-Autumn Festival

Today, the approach of Tet Trung Thu is signaled by the appearance of stands selling banh trung thu, or mooncakes, all over Vietnam’s streets. These cakes are very rich and are filled with lotus seeds, ground beans, and an egg yolk, though there are other varieties. Mooncakes are the most important traditional food related to Tet Trung Thu, and they are massively popular.

Ha Noi street food: cooking up a storm

With its dazzling array of dishes and flavours, Ha Noi's cuisine is considered to be one of the main strengths of its tourism sector. But while most tourists only currently get the chance to eat the food, offering them opportunities to experience a real culinary tour is an essential step towards putting the city on the map as a genuine food destination. Xuan Cuong and Trung Hieu report.

Vietnam needs more female politicians

HA NOI (VNS)— The number of women in leadership positions in political organisations, including the National Assembly and Government, has yet to reach its full potential, said deputy head of the Viet Nam Women's Union Nguyen Thi Thu Ha.

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