Alpha International Food Joint Stock Company (Alphafood JSC), as a former time, our company is a traditional confectionery production facility in Hanoi’s ancient Quarter- Vietnam since 1980, specialized in producing traditional confectionery items such as: Biscuits, sugared dry apricot, jam Tet, Juice, SU SE cake … Over many years of development, Alphafood developed and confirmed as one of the most prestigious food company in Vietnam, with its line of products such as: Vietnamese traditional confectionary, bread, moon cake and especially advanced baked products from eggs and milk.

Alphafood which is being built to become the company having its own unique products, as well as developed as one of the most prestigious food company in Viet Nam and leading towards to a multi-industry company such as: manufacturing, food service provider, wholesaler, retailer… in order to ensure sustainable development in the future. To achieve this goal, we have identified a number of required principles so that we can operate as flexible management, making quick decisions, and at the same time, strengthen the collective as well as individual members of the company.

Alphafood always formed business in properly and modern way, from the inheritance of the traditional

Alphafood always formed his first business style and modern science, from the inheritance of the traditional elite of ancient confectionery technology and prestige in Hanoi, to the application of the most innovative and advanced scientific achievements into production. With the enthusiasm, creativity, we not only create but also to recommend your pride in the products and essential services. By each of the Alpha product is created by the heart and mind of every member here.

With the dynamics in the manufacturing sector as well as import and export business and domestic trade, we have established relationships with partners in countries such as: Russia and Eastern Europe, Japan, South Korea, India, Malaysia, Myanmar, China, Singapore, Cambodia, Indonesia ...

So Alphafood has built confidence in customers as well as deliver benefits, economic value, trade and pride for each employee, each of the partners and shareholders to stick with the us in every step of the way of formation and development.