About Us
15:45 - 14.05.2021

A History

Alpha International Food Joint Stock Company (international awareness as Alphafood JSC.,) was founded in 2009. At first, it was established to be an manufacturing entrepreneur for Vietnamese traditional confections like: sugared/salted dry apricot, Tet jam, fruit juice, conjugal cake …

Ten years since founded and development, Alpha International Food JSC has been constantly focused on improving and upgrading ourselves to reach the international standard (ISO, FDA, HALAL, NAFDAC …). Up to now, our premium cream egg cake has been loved by everybody in more than 10 countries including Japan, South Korea, The Philippines, Myanmar, Thailand, …

Each product by Alphafood JSC is made of our passion and pride and for the country’s brand. Therefore, Alphafood JSC wishes to bring trust and love to our valued customers by spiritual values, nutritious and healthy products.

Vision – Mission – Core Values


  • To become the strong and most trusted brand of cream egg cookies product in the world
  • To bring customers the best-quality product
  • To be a reliable partner on business
  • To ensure an perfect place for employees to develop themselves at work


With modern technology on production, green input materials and endless creativity, our mission is to bring not only good cookies but affordable to our beloved consumers.


  • Responsibility – to contribute for our society by optimizing production, reducing wastage, making qualified products
  • Balance – to create an active workplace and help employee be able to balance their personal life and work
  • Creativity and Innovation – to encourage employees come up with new ideas to improve production
  • Promise – to be the reliable partner of our customers, our shareholders and our employees

Company Structure

With a goal of becoming a strong entrepreneur in food industry, Alphafood JSC has built up its best structure for professional services and management to get more and more business achievements.


After 10 years with a lot of efforts to grow up and improving ourselves, Alphafood JSC has achieved such honoring rewards:

2013: Vietnam Best Food

2017: Representative Firm of Bac Ninh Province in duration of 1997-2007

2013: Achieved Halal Certificate

2005: Achieved ISO 22000 : 2005


Alphafood JSC has applied automatic production lines which are directly imported from Germany. Our factory system is also designed to meet the Europe Standard for food factory. Products by Alphafood JSC are always guaranteed to meet requirements by the Ministry of Health for food safety.

We have a modern and advanced analysis division that can assure the product is completely safe for the consumers. R&D keeps coming up with new products to meet the higher demand from the market.

Moreover, education and training for production safety and hygiene is always a priority.


On a manufacturing area of about 50,000 m², Alphafood JSC, with experienced and passionate employees plus advanced production line, has reached a product capacity of 800 – 1,000 tons and can fully cover the markets of South Korea, Taiwan, Myanmar, Thailand, China, Singapore, etc.

Quality Assurance System

Alphafood JSC continually upgrade and standardize our quality assurance system to improve production. In 2005, we are honored to receive ISO 22000:2005.

H Warehouse

Courageously, Alpahfood JSC invest into a mordern warehoue by 20,000 m² within manufacturing area, adapting GSP standard qualified by World Health Organization. Finished-product storage is separated with material product, with private lift and modern shelves and pallets and forklifts. Air-conditioning system keep the warehouse temperature not higher than 25°C. Conventional Fire Alarm is well equiped with automatic utilities for quick reacts in case incident happens.

Transport Capacity

Alphafood JSC is capable of transporting 100 tons of finished-product everyday. Our transport division is equipped with many range of vehicles from 1.5-ton truck to 20-ton truck. Besides, the drivers are also trained to deal with customer when delivery.